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Teaching OCL: OCL 2.x Course

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This is a joint project of Joanna Chimiak Opoka (Innsbruck University) and Birgit Demuth (Technische Universität Dresden). The course consists of three parts:

  • Teaching OCL Standard Library: First Part of an OCL 2.x Course
  • (short) paper is available at the Educators Symposium 2010 (MODELS 2010 conference)
  • (long) paper will be published at EASST Volume 34 (21010)
  • OCL sources are available on request (please contact Joanna or Birgit)
  • Teaching Business Rules by OCL Constraints (Model Layer): Second Part of an OCL 2.x Course (planned)
  • Teaching Well–Formed Rules and Model Queries (Metamodel Layer): Third Part of an OCL 2.x Course (planned)