Where are the limits of Faceted Browsing?

Faceted Browsing can be seen as an interactive means to construct visual queries. In her diploma thesis, Marleen Kosslitz analysed faceted browsers to find out, which query patterns they construct and how far the interface may be tweaked to construct more complex queries, still offering an easy-to-use user interface.

She also created prototypical extensions for the Eclipse Faceted Browser developed at the chair of Software Technology at TU Dresden.

Screenshot from the extended Prototype

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Should FCA Lattices and Faceted Browsing be married?

Facettice - Facet Lattices View

Facet Lattices View

Benjamin Bach did this in his master thesis “Facettice: Integrating Faceted Navigation and Concept Lattices for Visual Data Exploration”. While it has been realised and described before that Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) and Faceted Browsing relate to each other in various aspects [], no detailed comparison and synthesis of the user interfaces of Faceted Browsers and Concept Lattices from FCA had been done.

Since I supervised this work in cooperation with Dietrich Kammer from the chair of “Mediengestaltung” at TU Dresden, you find it at http://mg.inf.tu-dresden.de/studentische-arbeiten/arbeiten/434 .

We recently also published a VisWeek poster on this.

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Physical GUI Interaction Experiments

From the chair of media design: Look at how interacting with physical stuff such as bubbles or eggs can inspire you to find new interaction metaphors: “Immersive Data Grasping using the eXplore Table”.

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