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Max Leuthäuser
2015 : SCROLL - A Scala-based library for Roles at Runtime
To appear in Proceedings of the Informal post-proceedings, CWI technical report, DSLDI 2015
Max Leuthäuser
Uwe Aßmann
2015 : Enabling View-based Programming with SCROLL
To appear in Proceedings of the VAO 2015 Workshop
Christian Piechnick
Sebastian Götz
René Schöne
Georg Püschel
Uwe Aßmann
Frank Bahrmann and Hans-Joachim Böhme
2015 : Model-driven Multi-Quality Auto-Tuning of Robotic Applications
In Proceedings of the Joint Workshop on Model-Driven Robot Software Engineering (MORSE'15) and View-Based, Aspect-Oriented and Orthographic Software Modelling (VAO'15)
Kateryna Rybina
Waltenegus Dargie
René Schöne
Somayeh Malakuti
2015 : Mutual Influence of Application- and Platform-Level Adaptations on Energy-Efficient Computing
Parallel, Distributed, and Network-Based Processing
Ronny Kaiser
Georg Püschel
Sebastian Götz
Katrin Kahle
Uwe Aßmann
2015 : Von der Software-Dissertation zum Lean Startup
To appear in Proceedings of the Multiconference Software Engineering and Management 2015, GI, 2015.
Sebastian Götz
Nelly Bencomo
Robert France
2015 : Devising the Future of the Models@run.time Workshop
In SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes 40(1), pp. 26-29, ACM, 2015.
[web] - ACM DL
Sebastian Götz
Ilias Gerostathopoulos
Filip Krikava
Adnan Shahzada and Romina Spalazzese
2015 : Adaptive Exchange of Distributed Partial Models@run.time for Highly Dynamic Systems
In Proceedings of 10th International Symposium on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems (SEAMS), IEEE
[web] - web
Georg Püschel
Christian Piechnick
Uwe Aßmann
2015 : Generative und simulative Softwaretests für selbstadaptive, cyber-physikalische Systeme
To appear in Proceedings of the Multiconference Software Engineering and Management 2015, GI, 2015.
Birgit Demuth
Dave Stikkolorum (Eds.)
2015 : MODELS Educators Symposium 2014 (Proceedings), Volume 1346
Dave R. Stikkolorum
Birgit Demuth
Vadim Zaytsev
Frederic Boulanger
Jeff Gray
2015 : The MOOC Hype: Can We Ignore It? Reflections on the Current Use of Massive Open Online Courses in Software Modeling Education
Proc. of the MODELS Educators Symposium 2014,, Volume 1346
[pdf] - pdf
Tobias Jäkel
Thomas Kühn
Stefan Hinkel
Hannes Voigt
Wolfgang Lehner
2015 : Relationships for Dynamic Data Types in RSQL
In Proceedings of Datenbanksysteme für Business, Technologie und Web (BTW)
Thomas Kühn and Walter Cazzola and Diego Mathias Olivares
2015 : Choosy and Picky: Configuration of Language Product Lines
In Proceedings of the 19th International Software Product Line Conference (SPLC'15)
Ronny Seiger
Steffen Huber
Thomas Schlegel
2015 : PROtEUS: An Integrated System for Process Execution in Cyber-physical Systems
Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Business Process Modeling, Development, and Support (BPMDS), 2015
Ronny Seiger
Florian Niebling
Mandy Korzetz
Tobias Nicolai
Thomas Schlegel
2015 : A Framework for Rapid Prototyping of Multimodal Interaction Concepts
Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Large-scale and Model-based Interactive Systems (LMIS 2015)
Ronny Seiger
Bashar Altakrouri
Andreas Schrader
Thomas Schlegel
2015 : Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Large-scale and Model-based Interactive Systems: Approaches and Challenges, Volume 1380
Ronny Seiger
Christoph Seidl
Uwe Aßmann
Thomas Schlegel
2015 : A Capability-based Framework for Programming Small Domestic Service Robots
Proceedings of Joint MORSE/VAO Workshop on Model-Driven Robot Software Engineering and View-based Software-Engineering 2015
Sebastian Götz and Thomas Kühn
2015 : Models@run.time for Object-Relational Mapping Supporting Schema Evolution
In Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Models@run.time (MRT15), Vol. 1474, 2015, pp. 41-50.
[pdf] - PDF
[web] - web
Christian Piechnick
Maria Piechnick
Sebastian Götz
Georg Püschel and Uwe Aßmann
2015 : Managing Distributed Context Models Requires Adaptivity too
Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Models@run.time (MRT15),, 2015.
[web] - web
Thomas Kühn
Stephan Böhme
Sebastian Götz and Uwe Aßmann
2015 : A Combined Formal Model for Relational Context-Dependent Roles
To appear in Proceedings of the 8th ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Software Language Engineering (SLE), 2015, ACM, 2015.
[web] - web
Kai Herrmann
Jan Reimann
Hannes Voigt
Birgit Demuth
Stefan Fromm
Robert Stelzmann
Wolfgang Lehner
2015 : Database Evolution for Software Product Lines.
Proc. DATA 2015 Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Data Management Technologies and Applications, Colmar, France, 2015
[pdf] - pdf
Uwe Aßmann
Birgit Demuth
Thorsten Spitta
Georg Püschel
Ronny Kaiser (Hrsg.)
2015 : Software Engineering und Management 2015
Proc. Software Engineering und Management 2015, Dresden, GI Edition, Lecture Notes in Informatics 239
[web] -
Christoff Bürger
Johannes Mey
René Schöne
Sven Karol
Daniel Langner
2015 : Using Reference Attribute Grammar-Controlled Rewriting for Energy Auto-Tuning
10th International Workshop on Models@run.time
[web] - Website of workshop
Somayeh Malakuti
Mehmet Aksit
2015 : On Liberating Programs from von Neumann Architecture via Event-based Modularization
Frank J. Furrer
Georg Püschel
2015 : Cognitive Computing (Collected Papers)
Technische Universität Dresden, Fakultät Informatik, Technischer Berichte ISSN 1430-211X, TUD-Fl15-05-Oktober 2015
Frank J. Furrer
2015 : Zukunftsfähige Softwaresysteme “ Zukunftsfähig trotz zunehmender SW-Abhängigkeit
Informatik Spektrum, Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg. First online: 30 June 2015. 10.1007/s00287-015-0909-6
[pdf] - SpringerLink
Somayeh Malakuti
Mariam Zia
2015 : Modular Composition of Multiple Applications via Application-level Event Modules
Technische Berichte / Technische Universität Dresden, Fakultät Informatik; 2015,02 (TUD-FI15-02-Juli 2015)
[web] - Qucosa
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