Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1322

ISBN 3-540-63613-7


Research in software engineering proceeds in two almost unrelated streams: the formal stream is an offspring of mathematical logic and relies completely on the usage of symbolic language; the pragmatik stream in derived from decades of practical development of large systems and applies informal (or only weakly formal notations, like diagrams, tables and natural languages.
In this book, Hussmann builds a bridge between the pragmatic methods for the design of information systems and the formal, mathematical background. Firstly, the principal feasibilty of an integraton of the different methods is demonstrated, secondly, the formalism is used as a systematic semantic analysis of the concepts in SSADM, a British standard structured software engineering method. Third, a way is shown to obtain a hybrid formalpragmatic specification using a combination of SSADM notations and formal (SPECTRUM) specifications.

This well written look encourages scientists and software engineers to apply formal methods to practical software development problems.



Chapter1: Introduction
Chapter2: Terminology

Chapter3: SSADM_A Pragmatic Requirments Engineering Method

Chapter4: SPECTRUM-A Formal Specification Framework

Chapter5: Alternativ Ways to an Integration of SSADM and SPECTRUM

Chapter6: A Semantic Reference Specification for SSADM

Chapter7: The SSADM Technique "Logical Data Modelling"

Chapter8: The SSADM Technique"Entity-Event Modelling"

Chapter9: Logical Consistency of SSADM-F

Chapter10: Formal Extensions forSSADM-F

Chapter11: The SSADM Technique "Data Flow Modelling"

Chapter12: Summary and Outlook

Appendix A: Glossary

Appendix B: "Hotel Agency"-An SSADM-F Specification

Appendix C: SPECTRUM Translation of the "Hotel Agehcy" Specification

Appendix D: Basic SPECTRUM Specifications


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