SalesPoint v3.3 API

Application architecture classes
sale This package contains the central classes of the Framework. Event classes for use with the classes in the sale package.
sale.multiwindow Contains classes for the standard SalesPoint application GUI.
sale.stdforms This package contains basic standard FormSheets.


Data management classes
data Provides interfaces for data management. Provides classes and interfaces for events triggered by classes in the data package and its sub-packages.
data.filters Contains catalog and stock filters.
data.ooimpl Pure Java implementations of the interfaces in package data.
data.stdforms Standard FormSheets that can be used to display and edit the contents of data management classes.
data.stdforms.descriptiveformsheet Provides interfaces for the DescriptiveFormSheet.
data.stdforms.singletableformsheet Contains the EditButtonStrategy classes for SingleTableFormSheets.
data.stdforms.twotableformsheet Contains the MoveStrategy classes for TwoTableFormSheets.
data.swing Swing components that can be used to display and edit the contents of data management classes.


User management
users Contains all the classes for managing users and their capabilities. Contains events and listeners needed by classes in the users package.
users.stdforms Standard FormSheets that can be used together with the user management classes.
users.swing Provides swing interfaces and models for displaying users and capabilities.


log This package contains all classes that are relevant to logging.
log.stdforms Standard FormSheets that can be used to display the contents of logs.
log.swing Swing components for displaying log file contents.


Resource package


Other Packages
util Helper classes that come in handy from time to time.
util.swing GUI classes and interfaces that can be of common use.


SalesPoint v3.3 API